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Read more about our way of working, and our journey from humble beginnings to mega-tastiness.

The Sundaes Gelato Philosophy

Here's what we do, and we've got a reputation for doing it very well.

Great Quality Food
At Sundaes Gelato, we always make sure our foods, desserts & drinks contain some great quality ingredients. From the fruit that goes on top of your waffles, to the dairy that you can taste in your milkshakes, we always want to make sure you're getting quality that really stands out.
Warm & Friendly Service
Come into one of our many dessert parlours around the UK (including Birmingham, Sheffield & Oxford) to get the special Sundaes Gelato treatment - that's service with a smile & members of staff that are on standby, ready to assist whenever you might need them - just look out for the ones with the red t-shirts!
A Great Atmosphere
As well as the great service from Sundaes Gelato staff, another great part of the experience we offer is the warm and vibrant atmosphere of our dessert parlours. Stop by for a treat & enjoy yourself, whether you're in a small group or you plan to make an outing with the entire family.

Find Your Nearest Sundaes Gelato

Start planning your next treat now, find your nearest Sundaes Gelatos and pay us a visit.